by Celebrity Pets

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Joshua Paine
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Joshua Paine Dang. This album is gold. I just love the raw emotion. It gets me to feel sad and I just love it. haha. Each song has a specific thing to it that makes it special to me. Thanks for this treasure. Favorite track: I Still Hate Myself.
Jason Villa Alvarez
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Jason Villa Alvarez Fuck guys!!!
love u...i feel so happy with new album... pls dont stop make new songs :Q__________ Favorite track: I Still Hate Myself.
Sean Sandoval
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Sean Sandoval Celebrity Pets, Morning Effort, Amy Bruce Space Show - everything Matt Pollock does is great Favorite track: Jigsaw.
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released April 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Celebrity Pets New Lenox, Illinois

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Track Name: Running Underwater
This body is prison. I'm a stranger in my skin
I'm chasing my own tail, drowning but trying to swim.
but this heart can't beat forever.
And on the day it finally stops
I'll be running underwater legs kicking
but won't ever reach the top.
Track Name: Everything
So you fell in love with someone.
You fell perfectly into a masterpiece
when I've never fallen for anything.
You fell in love and I hate you for that.
So I will drop a bomb on this fucking town
so you will fall out of love.
Then you'll feel what I felt
those years ago back when
we were just kids.
Back when you took everything from me.
You took everything.

I hate myself more than I hate you.
I can't stop dreaming of the things you did and do.
More words to say the things I already knew.
I hate myself more than I hate you.
Track Name: Jigsaw
So I couldn't make you stay.
You can't force jigsaw pieces to fit.
I know things are better this way.
I gave you my heart but you don't give a shit.
So I'll tell you I love you when I know it's not true.
And I'll tell you that I'll see you soon when I know that I won't.
And I'll tell you I'll miss you I guess sometimes I do.
But I know I won't fucking miss missing you when I don't anymore.
Track Name: I Still Hate Myself
I should be screaming along to songs I barely know but the only thing my lungs can muster up is a sad sigh. all these sad thoughts that plague my heart can only grow and I'm trying my absolute hardest to figure out why. The idea of my self loathing being worth something and the taste of shitty coffee on tongue. The act of beating myself up over nothing, that I should appreciate while I'm still young. (I don't feel infinite. I don't feel anything like I thought I did.) I'm so fucking sad. And I'm sorry I can't just fucking say it without the aid or the shelter of a song. you all fucking knew you fucking sang along. to my desperate cries for help when i was too scared to tell you how I truely felt. like the lowest for of life took a shit on me. that the act of doing so was considered holy. this isn't a gimmick, it's a personal hell. I hate myself.
Track Name: Don't You Remember
Don't you remember when you told me things won't get better if you just wait around for the sun. I can tell you're not well. You are going insane. Depression claims you as I proclaim now you never leave your room. you gave up on going out. this room will kill you soon. because now you go without everything. you and I both know things won't get better. In fact it gets worse from here on in. But I just wanted to let you know that these walls don't have to be your life. These walls don't have to be your life.
Track Name: DADZ
I'm sick of sing sad songs with no meaning. I am always sad. I'm sick asking questions of everyhting leading to my depression I wish I was happy just like my dad. But how many self help books will I have to read until I'm happy. How many times must I make up some non existent god loves me until I believe. I'm sick of singing sad song with no meaning. I am always sad.
Track Name: The One Where They Complain About Being Sad
Suicidal friends helping suicidal friends with their problems. Inevitable abandonment at best. Under covers or in your head, time measured waiting for death. Recycled bullshit saying you'll be fine. But it's not enough to ease our minds. Take me with you.
Track Name: I Know
I know you miss me. I miss myself too. I guess you'll see me at shows and I will never miss a chance to say hello. But if youd really missed me half as much as you say you do you would've called me on the phone and asked what's new. Our friendships good as dead and the worst part is you knew.
Track Name: Things I Can't Put Into Words
I'm the second wost person that I know.
A waste of resources for sixteen years or so.
I couldn't help you through your lonely nights.
With my sad songs and shitty advice.
Get out of my head and leave me alone.
I don't wanna spend another weekend at home.
We're just two friends we don't mutually miss.
I just don't think I can get through this.
And all of the things I can't put into words
find their own special way to break my heart into thirds.
I can wake up but can't get out of bed.
It's going to take hours, I wish I was dead.